Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Darkness on the Edge of Town

I apologize for the stagnant blog lately, folks, but I am feverishly trying to find an apartment in SF with the lovely Karen O and my brain is slowly melting and leaking out of my nose from the stress. Not to mention between my two day jobs I am pulling roughly 70 hours a week. But, much beside the point. Life is kicking ass, and I want to share some of the Kick-Assness with all of you. Darkness on the Edge of Town Paranormal Radio Show. Super awesome, super spooky at times, and always hilarious. Follow Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis through their adventures in audio as they interview some of the biggest names in the paranormal field, discussing topics from U.F.O.s to cryptids, ghosts to demons, and a hell of a lot more. There is roughly two years worth of show archives, and they have recently moved to FM talk radio! Oh, and these two ghost-chasing goofballs are from Minnesota. Skeptic yet open, these guys are a blast to listen to and it makes for great entertainment while trudging through the daytime hours at work, and also while creepin' at the drawing table during the hours of darkness. Check them out, everyone, you won't regret it.

Skeleface or die. All hail the darkness.

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