Sunday, September 21, 2008

Album Design

This is for The Vintage Mink, a local Minneapolis rock band that is totally sweet. Check them out. I will post more after this process of moving 1800 miles away is over. Sorry, loyal followers, for the severe lack of new material. Just stick with me, though, as soon as I get to SF everything will kick back in again double-time. You guys are the best!

Skeleface or die.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Horror! by Skeleface for Urban Threads

Hello everyone,
I was graciously asked to be a guest artist for the Halloween season of my good friend and colleague Niamh O'Connor's killer custom embroidery company, Urban Threads. I was honored to have been asked, and wanted to give something nightmarish enough to qualify, yet appealing enough to a larger audience for them not to be disgusted. This is the tentative result, as I am still awaiting approval, so imagine seeing this embroidered on a sweet messenger bag!

Skeleface or die.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So the evil genius behind Prrty Food, Joseph Gillette, has constructed and launched an official website for all of his psychedelic children. He has awesome stills from his video performances, illustrations, and photos of the live performances he has done. Check it out NOW and get to know these lovable and hopelessly dysfunctional characters as they make their way through a vivid, Technicolor world in pursuit of lost pigs, mermaids, and of course, dolphinzzz. I am telling you, Prrty Food is fresh as hell, and everyone should join in the fun by crackin' a handle of Jack and foolin' around with laser guns.

Skeleface or die. PRRTY FOOD 4EVER.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Work update!

Okay, here are a few samples of what I have been up to (outside of my F@#%ING JOBS).

This is still in progress.

Also still in progress.

A super crappy scan of a painting...STILL IN PROGRESS!

I usually only get time to work on these after I get home from work at around 10:30-11pm, and I work on them into the wee hours of the morn before going to work again at 9am. And that is only when there is no freelance to be done, so progress on personal work has been a bit sluggish, but I hope to have a decent body of work to start soliciting to galleries by the end of October. Wordemup, Ghoulies.

Skeleface or die.