Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Halloween product sketches!

Hello everyone, so one of the recent gigs I have acquired is designing some halloween products for PTI Group, Inc. based out of Minneapolis.

This is a Frankenstein's monster light cover concept.

This is a concept for an LED-lit set of teeth that you attach to a pumpkin.

This is the first concept for an illustration to be printed on a 3' tall luminary that was deemed "too scary" by the powers that be. The funny thing is that I toned it down a lot from the initial sketch.
Skeleface or die.


s p m said...

his gets me amped for the zombie pub crawl....

prrrrty goood said...

d00d.. these are amazing!!!!! this is going into production???

Skeleface said...

Thanks man, yeah, I hear back officially this week, but as far as I know they went over at the review really well, so keep your fingers crossed that they come out for Halloween 2009.