Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spittin' Sweets and other new Skelewear

More shirts available through the Skelestore on MYSOTI.COM! All just around $18! Have no fear, there are designs for both Skeleboys and Skelegirls alike! Okay, enough with the SKELEstuff. Anyway, again, MYSOTI.COM is the shit. There are a TON of talented people on there, so check them all out.
Spittin' Sweets tee by Skeleface. Available from
Masquerade tee by Skeleface. Available from
That Which Can Eternal Lie tee by Skeleface. Available from

Skeleface or BUY!


anima-base said...

WOW. Skeleface.
You've got Amazing tee designs.
Thanks for you visit my blog.
I got a good talent artist today.

// SPM said...

thats the coolest/cutest wolfman ive ever seen. and now i can have my very own. add to cart.

'Lil Ric said...

Damn it I just bought Red Hands of Doom and you drop this shit on me. My bank account hates you.